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A strategic partner for organizations that wish to harness the power and scale of technology to achieve business objectives through supply chain collaboration, online payments, cloud computing to mention a few.

About Us

We are a digital transformation organisation based in Kenya focused on assisting businesses Design, Develop and Deploy innovative products across diverse sectors. We also support your existing technology and ensure it works securely and optimally so you can focus on your core business.

Highly Aglie Team

eBiashara is a cross-functional team of individuals who have the ability and skills to define, build, and test solutions all in a short timebox.

Value Focused Solutions

Our Design & Implementation approach is focused on achieving flexible, scalable, secure and reliable technology that drives value for you business.


Dedicated Support

We provide best- in-class support before, during and after a project to ensure your business delivers best value to your customers cost effectively.

Our Services

Our solutions are designed to suit your unique challenges and ensure you gain competitive advantage.

Over the last years we have developed an e-commerce framework designed specifically for the East African market to support your e-commerce business processes

Supply Chain Financing

External funding sources, such as equity, are easily accessible to most organisation but can be costly. Through our SCF platform, organisations can access opportunities otherwise unattainable due to lack of liquidity.

Business Intelligence

The amount of data an organisation needs to make strategic decisions rocket as measuring tools and analytics become the deciding factor for high level decisions

Managed Services

Organisations of all sizes outsource processes as the demand continues to grow and businesses seek advantages to get ahead of their competition. With Ebiashara you can contract specific work processes 

ERP Consultancy

Our ERP platform enables your business to streamline all of your processes, including sales, orders, inventory, manufacturing, and HR allowing you to focus on your core business processes

Cloud Computing

As companies move much faster on their digital transformation journey, companies are looking for ways to increase agility, business continuity, profitability and scalability through Cloud Platforms

Our Partners

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