Workflow Management

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We offer a complex system which fully incorporates all the functions necessary for the Administrator work of a group or organization. 

The user specifies rules to assign task in succession, to monitor the corresponding time limits by passing the relevant data or taking over the related management system for those who work, depending on the entitlement access to documents, forms and forms.

Our Main Workflow & Document Management Features

Contract management

Invoice approval

Procurement management

Project and investment management

Task management

Complaints management

User Rights Management

Human resources support

Recruitment and selection

Support for procurement procedures

Support for quality assurance processes

License management and software inventory

Why us ?

A digital document library, services supporting digitizing and a secure digital document archiving tool are integral parts of the system. Document management is in line with market standards (e.g. Dublin Core), but it also provides the necessary business logic for integrated operation with workflow and metadata. Digital case management and record management are fully supported by the system. 

Forms can be assigned to digital documents which define descriptive fields in the documents and workflow. Users can attach an unlimited number and types of documents to forms and create a logical network. 

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