T-24 Automation and Monitoring

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We have been focused on helping financial institutions overcome the challenges of banking operation from the Americas through Europe and the Middle East to Africa for 30 years.

We support IT Operations to ensure high-availability of T24 services, full business continuity and the achievement of service-level objectives through real-time monitoring of business operations based on T24 automation tool.

Our Main Monitoring Modules

Monitor the real-time availability

Monitor the whole COB process

Analyse COB trends

Alerting and escalation management

SLA Management

Connection between the IT and business

T24 Monitoring

The Online Monitor supports users in monitoring the bank’s online IT operations in real time. It uses more than 65 observers to detect any discrepancies in the monitored components and alert authorised personnel without delay T24 Online Monitoring system monitors the background processes, database, security, OFS, lockings, disk usage, system performance, OS processes or printers. For instance, the Online Monitor can monitor transaction processing performance and create reports and diagrams accordingly. Main T24 monitoring components are Application Monitoring, Interface Monitoring, Real User Monitoring and Log Management.

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