Our Products

Supplier Financing solution enables Buyers and Suppliers resolve their mutually opposing interest; buyers want the flexibility to pay their suppliers later while suppliers want to get paid as soon as possible to meet their cash flow needs.


eBiashara Supply Chain platform is a system which automates all processes in a supply chain; right from buyer requesting quotations from suppliers to an invoice getting financed by a financial institution.


Our web-based Early Payment solution enables Buyers to upload invoices with payment at a future date, Suppliers view the receivables, and may choose to request for early payment, less a low financing fee based on the Buyer’s credit rating.


SCC handles the full Supply Chain Process from Purchase Order to approval of the invoice. The platform has a unique Quantity & Price settlement process which results to a qualified invoice, that can be financed by a Financial Institution.

We operate on a sustainable supply chain financing footing and are convinced that economic IMPACT is best achieved through developing vibrant and automated Supply Chain Finance systems.