Supply Chain Financing


Supplier Financing solution enables buyers and suppliers resolve their mutually opposing interest; buyers want the flexibility to pay their suppliers later while suppliers want to get paid as soon as possible to meet their cash flow needs.

eBiashara Supply Chain Financing platform manages four supply chain finance product. These include; Local Purchase Order, Supplier Invoice Discounting, Buyer Financing and Reverse Invoice Discounting. 

Our Main SCF Services

Local Purchase Order

Reverse Invoice Discounting

Supplier Invoice Discounting

Buyer Financing

Supplier Invoice Discouting

Our web-based Early Payment solution enables Buyers to upload invoices with payment at a future date, Suppliers view the receivables, and may choose to request for early payment, less a low financing fee based on the Buyer’s credit rating.


Buyer Invoice Financing

eBiashara Supply Chain platform is a system which automates all processes in a supply chain; right from buyer requesting quotations from suppliers to an invoice getting financed by a financial institution.


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