Ecommerce Solutions

We have  tailor-made eCommerce solution per client, which includes services for  our customer right from order fulfillment to inventory management, in addition to payment gateway services. 

It’s a complete gives package you a complete eCommerce bundle in one handy package, ready in one click.

eCommerce Pre-Configured

Each eCommerce site comes fully
equipped with:

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

Each eCommerce Solution comes fully supported with Enterprise Level Tooling:

How it works

Client Collaboration

eBiashara works with you to get your eCommerce store up and running with your products, your inventory, and your setup. Our Kenyan Support team are here to guide you through every step of the way

Pre-configured Payment Methods​

Your eCommerce store already comes with several Payment Modules that allow payments to be accepted from customers. Just enter in your details and you’re ready to start selling your products!

Inventory and Delivery Managment

Each pre-made store comes with the latest technologies in inventory management, shipping management, and delivery management to enable you to grow your business like never before

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