Resource Augmentation

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We have been providing quality IT talent to some of the world’s largest companies for over 8 years, with an impeccable track record of quality and service. We provide access to a global talent pool. 

Depending on what is needed (skill set, type of project, budget and urgency), we offer an individual or a team of resources onshore, a team of resources offshore or a blended onshore/offshore team.

Our Main Resource Augmentation Services

Qualified Resources

On Time Budget

Global Resources

Outsource Projects

Grow your organization. Not your costs.

Our solutions allow an organization to maintain control over their IT projects, reduce overall IT costs when utilizing a global development model on an ongoing basis, shrink the total quantitative and qualitative costs of hiring permanent staff, minimize time to market for new IT related solutions, and can help an organization realize their project goals and objectives by addressing skill deficiencies.

Most organizations at some stage require immediate access to Quality IT talent. Typically, this is in response to new projects and peak workload seasons. This can be further complicated by organizational headcount freezes and -very often – budget restraints.

Additionally, this talent isn’t easy to find, especially when you need them fast. eBiashara Africa Limited has access to a vast database of talented IT professionals who we can avail very quickly to help ease you through these times.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our resources have in depth knowledge of a broad set of enterprise platforms, applications, technologies and techniques to facilitate a minimal learning curve and deliver much quicker return on investment.

Front End Developers
Back End Developers
QA Specialists
Project Managers
Business IntelligenceExperts

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