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The cloud computing ecosystem is much larger than it may seem

Secure and Optimize your workloads running on the cloud and the ones that you are migrating to the cloud. Get a simple and automated solution to secure your hybrid environment. Some of our Cloud Solutions include;

Cloud Management Platform Solutions.

Infrastructure and Application delivery is always a matter of concern for all IT teams today. With the ever-growing demands, IT teams struggle to manage and deliver services to the end-users. With the emergence of virtualization and cloud technologies, the application servers have increased, and managing the complete infrastructure stack for the ever-growing demands is a great challenge.

eBiashara’s Cloud Management Platform Solutions helps you to have a single solution for heterogeneous cloud architecture that enables you to rapidly provision applications and infrastructure. It provides you with tools that can manage the entire cloud infrastructure with ease with total control over security and compliance.

With a broad range of automation and orchestration, you can control, build, and adapt without any hassles. However be the type of cloud environment – Private, Public, or Hybrid – we can help you achieve your business goals with industry-leading Cloud Management Platforms.

Private Cloud

Build your own Cloud from your own Data Center or our Data Center
facilities and rapidly deploy IT-as-a-service to your end-user.

Public Cloud

Collaborate with the world’s leading Cloud Service Providers like
Microsoft and Oracle or use Our (Computer Point Data Center) facilities
to host your business applications and leverage upon the cost-effective
services. With the pay-as-you-use framework, you can focus on your
business rather than worrying about your IT infrastructure budgets.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud enables you to combine the functionalities of Private
and Public cloud. This way you can have the most critical business data
running on your Private Cloud while the less critical data and
applications can be hosted on the Public Cloud. This enables you to have
a cost-effective solution without compromising on the performance and
scalability needed to drive your business.

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