Case Studies

By eBiashara Africa

Jan 13 2021

Arronax Cloud Managed Services

Customer Challange

Arronax is a fintech startup with challenges that are common to most young dynamic technology companies. While they wanted to develop and take their products to the market fast, they found themselves getting bogged down by new tools, processes and management of their infrastructure. Being a small team, this was slowing down their pace. 

The Solution

With eBiashara’s experience in agile and DevOps practices, we took the operations components, including optimization of their existing workflows, platforms, security, performance as well as cost optimization. 

The Outcome

By taking on all their cloudOps activities relating to the delivery and optimization of services and workloads running in their cloud infrastructure, Arronax was able to focus more on product development and Go-To-Market strategy. In addition, we were able to pass on our experience and skills to their team, especially in areas of CICD automation.